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Office of the Provost

Office of the Provost



The Provost’s Innovation for Excellence Award recognizes academic departments or schools that have through collaborative effort implemented a new initiative that has generated new momentum toward achieving one or more of the key goals of SDSU’s Building on Excellence strategic plan:



  • Improved retention and four and six year graduation rates
  • Decreased time to degree
  • Elimination of achievement gaps in graduation rates
  • Growth in student honors, achievements, or production of exemplary work
  • Improved advising or mentoring programs and outcomes
  • Increased recruitment and retention of underrepresented faculty and staff
  • Innovative, transformational, or international educational experiences
  • Improved time to degree for masters and doctoral students
  • Greater number of undergraduate students involved in entrepreneurship
  • Positive trends in graduate student quantitative metrics of quality



  • Increased research and creative activity, including grants, publications, patents, research  impact, and attendance at art events and performances
  • Greater number of undergraduate students involved in research
  • Greater graduate student involvement in research, conferences, and publication




  • Strengthened community engagement for students, faculty, and  / staff
  • Events, activities, and communication designed to bring diverse participants together
  • Strengthened relationships with alumni and donors


2015 – 2016 Winners:

  • The Departments of Political Science and Rhetoric and Writing Studies: Ronnee Schreiber and Glen McClish, chairs, for the development of learning communities to support the success of Compact Scholars in required general education American Institutions and writing courses.
  • The Department of Marketing: George Belch, chair, for the development of a new academic specialization to support students' career goals, establish corporate partnerships for research and increased community engagement for faculty, students and alumni.
  • The School of Nursing: Philip Greiner, director, for redeveloping its nursing major curriculum to support increased student success and improve time to degree.
  • The School of Journalism and Media Studies: Bey-Ling Sha, director, for launching a bilingual media writing initiative that has improved continuation rates, supported the recruitment of diverse faculty and attracted the support of new community partners.
  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics: Mike O’Sullivan, chair, for a research-based restructuring of its pre-calculus and calculus sequence to ensure the integrity and cohesiveness of the sequence and foster greater student success in STEM disciplines and degree completion.

 2016 - 2017 Winners: 

  • The Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy and the Department of Management Information Systems, Damon Fleming (Director) and Bruce Reinig, (Chairperson), for their collaboration and implementation of advanced enterprise systems technology in course materials designed to enhance transformational education experiences that prepare business students with the requisite knowledge and experience to advance workplace competitiveness.
  • The Department of Counseling and School Psychology, Brent Taylor, Chairperson, for the department’s Center for Counseling and Community Engagement’s success in its initiatives to improve diversity in its client population, while maintaining a diverse pool of graduate student therapists and therapists-in-training.


Contact Information for the Office of the Provost:

The Office of the Provost is located in Manchester Hall 3310, situated on Centennial Walk, directly across from Student Services.
    Phone: (619) 594-6881
    Fax: (619) 594-0178
    Mail Code: 8010