Provost's Undergraduate Mentoring Program

The Provost Undergraduate Mentoring Program connects first year (freshmen or transfer students), first-generation college students to San Diego State University (SDSU) faculty, staff and administrators who were also first generation college students and/or serve as first-generation student advocates at SDSU.

Benefits of Student Participation in the Provost Undergraduate Mentoring Program

Student mentees will:

  • set academic and/or professional goals and develop steps to achieve those goals
  • connect with a mentor and gain tools to navigate SDSU opportunities and resources
  • gain advice as they continue to progress through their academic major (e.g. graduate advice, career pathways/options, and/or other out of classroom experiences)
  • develop individualized plans that support future professional goals
  • increase their competitiveness for graduate school or the workforce through seminars or other campus programs

Mentee Placement

Students will be matched to faculty mentors through the Division of Academic Engagement & Student Achievement (DAESA), Provost Undergraduate Mentoring Program office. Students may be matched with mentors who may be in a different department than the student's major, pending the number of faculty/staff mentors available.

Provost Undergraduate Mentoring Program Team

[email protected]

Michelle Lopez, Assistant Dean (DAESA)
[email protected]

The Provost Undergraduate Mentoring Program is currently in transition.
Thank you for your patience as we work to match new mentees with current campus mentors.