The amount of time spent meeting with your PUMP mentor will be established between you and your mentor. It is recommended that you plan to meet with each other on a regular basis, whether it be bi-weekly, monthly, or a certain amount of times per semester. This will look different per mentor/mentee pairing.

It is not a requirement of the program that your mentor review your grades after each semester. However, your mentor might ask you questions about your grades to get a better understanding of where your successes and challenges lie. It is at your comfort level that you may share any information regarding your academic transcript.

No. The Provost is appreciative for any amount of time you are willing to volunteer in service of our undergraduate students, whether it be with one student mentee, or ten.

Your mentor/mentee relationship should be a natural one. You can start by getting to know your mentee's interests, passions, and challenges. You have the opportunity to encourage them in their successes, and to provide advice and insight regarding their challenges. PUMP is meant to be an informal mentor/mentee experience because the main goal is to develop relationships with students that will impact their SDSU experience and retention. There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach in PUMP.