2015/2016 Academic Related Programs

Student Success at San Diego State University

Academic Related Program Funds

Student Reflections (Academic Year 2015/2016)

  • "The project directly relates to my violin performance degree... Being able to ask questions and speak to the musicians was extremely beneficial because normally concert attendance is observational rather than interactive.”
  • “Students had the opportunity to expand upon some of the basic public health concepts that they learned during their classes... The diversity and representation of speakers with such an interested crowd of students, faculty, staff and alumni was a truly rewarding aspect of this project.”
  • “This project allows us as engineering students of different disciplines to get hands on experience in the skills we learn and talk about in the classroom... Some of the most rewarding aspects of this project is learning how industry works, getting hands on experience, and learning how to work with deadlines and budgets.”
  • “Playing the bailiff in our mock trial, this student spent much of the lunch talking with Judge Campos and determined that he would one day become a bailiff as his career.”
  • “This project helped me grow so much and has prepared me to serve my community.”
  • “Many aspects of this project were rewarding, but the most would be the opportunity to work closely with a client of this caliber. I not only will be able to articulate this experience on my resume and to future employers, but I had the opportunity to showcase my talent to a company that may choose to hire me in the future.”