RTP Task Force


The purpose of the taskforce is to explore opportunities to improve clarity and understanding in the campus' reappointment, promotion, and tenure process and develop recommendations for considerations by Senate committees. 

Joanna Brooks, Chair

Associate Vice President, Faculty Advancement & Student Success

Sasha Chizhik

Assistant Vice President, Academic Labor Relations

Kavalya Fletcher, Ex-Officio

Office Manager, Faculty Advancement & Student Success

Allen Gontz

Chair, Department of Geographical Sciences

DJ Hopkins

Professor, School of Theatre, Television & Film

Kevin Hovel

Professor, Department of Biology

Marilee Ludvik

Professor, Postsecondary Education

Seth Mallios

Professor, Department of Anthropology
[email protected]

Khaled Morsi

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Eugene Olevsky

Dean, College of Engineering

John Penrose

Professor, Department of Management Information Systems

Ramona Perez

Director, Center for Latin American Studies

Paula Peter

Professor, Department of Marketing

Jeffrey Roberts

Dean, College of Sciences

Peggy Shannon

Dean, College of Professional Studies & Fine Arts

Jeanette Shumaker

Professor, SDSU-Imperial Valley

Peter Torre

Professor, School of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences